Market cuisine in a warm environment

Welcome to The Sopa Boba Barcelona, a place where a passion for gastronomy meets trust in the small details, creating an experience for the five senses.

At The Sopa Boba, we believe in the value and beauty of each ingredient and rely on their different textures, smells, colors, and flavors to introduce them into our kitchen. We like to work with local products and make the most of market and seasonal cuisine.

The Bravas of Barcelona

Some have even ventured to search for "the best bravas in Barcelona" and, let's be honest, it's hard to find them. "There's no accounting for taste", so it's best to let yourself be surprised each time you try some "patatas bravas".

las mejores bravas de Barcelona. Best Bravas in Barcelona
las mejores bravas de Barcelona. Best Bravas in Barcelona

Déjate sorprender...

Warm and welcoming

Local products

These guarantee their freshness and authentic flavor. In addition, their consumption helps support the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint, as long-distance transport is avoided. By choosing local products, we are not only opting for healthier and tastier food but also supporting a more sustainable and connected way of life.

The atmosphere is calm and peaceful, ideal for relaxing and disconnecting from everyday stress. The warm and soft colors of the walls and the dim lighting contribute to creating a sense of harmony and well-being. We will certainly try to make you feel at home.

Incredible wine selection

Our wine offer is characterized by being excellent and varied, always changing to satisfy our customers' tastes. We have a selection of premium wines from different regions of Spain. Our team is at your disposal to provide detailed information and help you find the perfect wine for every occasion.

Reserve your table

Make your reservation in advance to avoid waiting. Especially for large groups ;)